Nice and Clean 2016

Well after 16 years I took my Fifth Wheel in to have it serviced.  I needed a few boards replaced on the skirting around the bottom.  The guys could not believe how good of shape it is in. I just replaced all four brake assemblies and now it’s all nice and clean as well.  I cannot wait to start using it when the weather gets just a little cooler.  I might not be able to wait that long and could possible take it out in August.  It’s amazing how relaxing it is when you are away from home and have all the creature comforts of home.  If you need any RV work done the guys at AllRV in Burleson are great.  They did some work for the Duck Dynasty guys as well.

Terry 30.5 EXG 2016 (Nice and clean and ready for the road)

2000 Terry 30.5 EXG  (Nice and clean and ready for the road)


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My first Off Road Adventure

Well Sunday I decided to take a ride out the OHV park in Bridgeport with a few friends.  Well the ride out there was great and I had a blast riding the BushPig on the highway.  It handles extremely well and has plenty of throttle left after reaching highway speeds.  Once we arrived we looked through the trails and after receiving some advice from the gate guard we decided to head out.  The first part the trail ride was great the roads were gravel and sand.  Unfortunately that did not last long. We came around a bend and ran into some mud.  At this point I discovered that the BushPig factory tires just are not made for mud.  We made it through this patch of mud thinking that this was the only bad spot.  We continued on down the trail and ran into another bad patch of mud.  After getting through it I decided it was time to turn around.  My bike just isn’t outfitted for mud. The only way out was back the way we had come.  I started back out and made a terrible decision to go around a mud hole by going up an incline on the right.   When I started up the incline the back tire was so caked with mud that it slipped off the incline.  I stopped the slip by using my left leg as brace.  When I did that I felt something give in my leg and sure enough I had just severely pulled my thigh muscles.  Needless to say I was in extreme pain and thanks to my fellow riders we eventually got my bike back to the main road.  I did manage to walk out on my own but at a very slow and painful pace.  Once we got back to the road the guys helped me get on my bike and road it back to the staging area.  After accessing the bike, I called my stepson and son in-law hoping one of them would be available to come get me.  Thankfully my son-in-law was able and willing to drive an hour to come get me and the bike.  To make things worse he had to stop by my house and pickup my truck and motorcycle carrier.  I am thankful to have such people in my life.  When he arrived we loaded up the BushPig and headed home.  This, off course, was over two weeks ago and I am just now getting around normally.  What a hard way to learn a lesson.

Lessons learned that day:

  1. Need different tires for mud and extreme off road
  2. Never ride to a trail, take the truck and carry the bike
  3. Stay out of the mud at all costs
  4. I am not as young as I use to be
  5. I need more practice

Here are a few pictures….

After my first off road adventure

After my first off road adventure

BushPig loaded up after my first off Road adventure

BushPig loaded up after my first off Road adventure

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New Addition to the Garage

Earlier this summer I decided to start preparing to use my RV more. Along with this decision came the realization that I need to consider traveling mishaps. After reviewing my possibilities and needs I decided to purchase a Sport Bike that I can carry along with the RV and also use as a third vehicle. So after looking at my options I decided to purchase a Suzuki DR650 (nickname Thumper or Bush Pig). I am just getting use to it and yes I did take a Motorcycle safety course. I must admit next to flying it’s very freeing. I do worry about injuries and considering I just experienced one (thats another story) I am right to do so. Well enough about me here is a picture of the BushPig.

Nice new 2016 DR650 waiting for adventure

Nice new 2016 DR650 waiting for adventure

I am sure I will have many stories to post here in the near future.

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Xamarin Evolve 2016

Well it’s that time again and here I am in Orlando Florida. So far the conference is starting out extremely well. This, like the Apple’s WWDC, is a great opportunity for developers to connect with the those that create the tools they use. Yesterday we had the kickoff and startup event and today the sweat shop begins. We start at 9:00AM and will be in training sessions until 6:00PM. So much information to cover especially when you consider we are covering three different platforms (IOS,Android,WM). Well its time to go so have a great day….

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Alternator Incident 2016

Thursday night I loaded up the truck and headed to the ranch around 3:30PM in the afternoon. About40 miles out of WACO my Alternator light came on. Well we all know what this means but being the eternal optimist I called my son-in-law just to confirm my suspicions. He confirmed that the alternator is probably shot.
I was about forty minutes from two different cities on small (Cameron) and the other was Temple. After calling O’Reily Auto Parts in Cameron it appeared that Temple was my only option. I was concerned about making it since it was almost dark and my lights would definitely drain the batteries extremely quick. On the way to Temple I passed a county officer who had someone pulled over. I stopped to talk to the officer just to let him know what was going on and maybe get some assistance if necessary. After telling him about the truck and my intentions he agreed that I should be able to make it. After that I did not really pay attention to speed limit signs until I reached the auto parts store. About 10 minutes from the Auto Parts store in Temple I had to try the lights. Once I turned them on everything went dark but came back on after I turned the lights back off. I then tried the running lights and fog lights. Luckily the fog and running lights worked great. To this day I am still shocked that I did not get pulled over by the police.
The guys at O’Reily Auto Parts in Temple were great and had the alternator I needed. I had to purchase a 1/2″ breaker bar to remove the Belt but luckily I had everything else I needed. After about thirty minutes I had the alternator replaced and we were back on the road. I think the Dogs enjoyed the break at O’Reily’s. After covering their kennels we loaded up and headed south once again. It was much cooler Thursday night then I originally thought it would be.

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Oil Leak 7.3L is Fixed (Day 4)

Well today I took off half a day from work and finished fixing the truck. I reassembled the Oil Cooler and had no trouble reinstalling it on the truck. All it took was just a slight nudge with a pry-bar to get it seated into the front housing. I was a little nervous since I had heard that many people have cracked their front housings installing these coolers. I believe these people had trouble because they were using cheep O-rings from Dorman. I used the factory OEM O-rings and had no trouble.
After I finished the Oil Cooler I cleaned up the work area. I was about to start on the dipstick mount when my son-in-law who just so happens to be a certified Ford diesel mechanic and Dallas police officer showed up. He has helped me so much in the past with this truck and is always a great resource. He is the one that told me about the Strictly Diesel product I am using to fix the dipstick mount. Needless to say with an extra set of hands and the added experience we knocked it out pretty quick. I do not have any pictures of the finished product but I should be able to get some tonight.

I would like to thank the following people…..
My wonderful wife for being my chauffeur and putting up with me
My son-in-law (Name withheld due to his profession)
DiselTechRon (His video)
San Pack Ford for having the parts I needed


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Oil Leak 7.3L Day 2 -3

This is a continuation of a prior Post

Well I received my extractor set late Monday and decided to wait until Tuesday night after work to finish off the project. Needless to say the extractor set did not work as advertised. If I would have had enough room to knock the extractor onto the bolt it probably would have. So Wednesday I looked for another type of extractor and found a possible solution (Gator Grip). I purchased the Gator Grip and gave it a shot. Needless to say this one failed miserably as well. So at this point I decided to do what I know works instead of following the acceptable industry standard method of removing rounded off bolts. I took a 3/8 twelve-point socket and hammered it onto the 10m bolt and it came off with the first turn. I have included a picture of the bolt below.

Once the bolt was removed I finished removing the oil cooler and cleaned it up. This afternoon I will pick up a new bolt then reassemble and install the cooler. I have included some pictures of the cooler as well if you are curious.

  • IMG_1180




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    Oil leak on my 7.3L today

    Old faithful (my truck) finally had an issue today. The truck had a pool of oil under it today and now I am performing surgery. Turns out my Dipstick mount, yes the dipstick mount, has an o-ring inside the oil pan that has swollen and cracked. The amount of oil coming out of this mount shocked me. While inspecting the leak I noticed my oil cooler o-ring is leaking as well. The oil cooler looked like it would be extremely simple so I figured I would tackle that while I was waiting on the parts to fix the dipstick mount. The process is pretty simple.. drain coolant, remove oil filter, remove three bolts and remove the cooler. Here is what happened today..
    1. Drained the coolant (no issues)
    2. Removing the oil filter (1 hour)
    a. Broke my oil wrench
    b. Bought new heavy duty chain oil wrench
    c. Needed leverage bar to finally break it loose
    3. Removing bolts
    a. Removed two bolts very easily
    b. Front bolt was rounded off by a I guess a previous repair. I am still waiting on a rounded
    bolt removal tool to take it off.
    4. Ordered dipstick repair kit and it will be here later this week.

    2003 F250 7.3L

    2003 F250 7.3L

    After all of this I decided to get some work done instead of killing an entire day. I sat down at my desk and started having muscle cramps like crazy. I guess bending and contorting under the truck took it’s toll today. I decided to just take a full day of vacation to recover. After about two hours I stopped cramping up and ate some lunch. I guess one day of vacation is a lot better then paying 4K for repairs. Oh, did I forget to mention that in order to fix the dipstick the Ford Dealership recommends pulling the engine. Well the part I have ordered will allow me to fix the dipstick without pulling then engine. It wasn’t cheap but it was less then a tenth of the 4K price tag.

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    Red Bull Air Race Fort Worth Texas

    In September of 2014 I attended the Red Bull Air Race at Texas Motor Speedway. Here are a few pictures from the race. If you are into flying then you should experience the Red Bull Air Race at least once in your life.

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    My first Young Eagles Flight

    In July 2014 I participated in my first “Young Eagles Event”. We (the pilots) introduced some young kids from a school in Dallas to General Aviation. I must admit that it was one of the most rewarding events of my life. I cannot express how much fun it is to share a hobby you love. I captained four flights in our modified Bonanza B35 that day. A fellow club member also participated and captained several flights in the RV. The kids we flew that wanted to learn to fly received a free Ground School kit from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Yes, a free Ground School kit which most people pay over 300.00 for. If you have a child between 10 and 17 years old checkout the Young Eagles Program. Both of our aircraft made it on the news that day and I have included a picture from that broadcast. Both Club planes on the news for participating in the Young Eagles Event

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