About Me!

My name is Robert Debault, and I am a Software Architect currently employed by an MRO Company based in Chicago. I live in Texas where my family has lived for generations.  I have created this site to hopefully help others with like interests.  I have specialized in cross platform mobile development (IOS, Android and Windows Mobile), Web Services, Enterprise Websites and ERP implementations for over 30 years.  I have participated in multiple digital transformations and have also presented at multiple conferences.  Over the past year I have been digging into the NIST 800-171 and CMMC regulations in order to facilitate the initiative for my employer.

I have many interests including IT, Home Automation, Hunting, Fishing, Traveling, IoT projects, Aviation and Golf.  I consider myself to be a very fortunate given that my profession is my hobby.  I have made a few posts to this site over the years on each of these topics.  I plan to add another subject to the site “Cyber Security” in the next several weeks. I have always been involved in cyber security but over the past year I have really started to embrace all aspects of it.  I know it’s hilarious that I am adding a “Cyber Security” section to a WordPress Website.  I do not plan on posting anything that isn’t public information so I don’t see an issue and it will also be a good test for the platform.

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