My first Young Eagles Flight

In July 2014 I participated in my first “Young Eagles Event”. We (the pilots) introduced some young kids from a school in Dallas to General Aviation. I must admit that it was one of the most rewarding events of my life. I cannot express how much fun it is to share a hobby you love. I captained four flights in our modified Bonanza B35 that day. A fellow club member also participated and captained several flights in the RV. The kids we flew that wanted to learn to fly received a free Ground School kit from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Yes, a free Ground School kit which most people pay over 300.00 for. If you have a child between 10 and 17 years old checkout the Young Eagles Program. Both of our aircraft made it on the news that day and I have included a picture from that broadcast. Both Club planes on the news for participating in the Young Eagles Event

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