Nice and Clean 2016

Well after 16 years I took my Fifth Wheel in to have it serviced.  I needed a few boards replaced on the skirting around the bottom.  The guys could not believe how good of shape it is in. I just replaced all four brake assemblies and now it’s all nice and clean as well.  I cannot wait to start using it when the weather gets just a little cooler.  I might not be able to wait that long and could possible take it out in August.  It’s amazing how relaxing it is when you are away from home and have all the creature comforts of home.  If you need any RV work done the guys at AllRV in Burleson are great.  They did some work for the Duck Dynasty guys as well.

Terry 30.5 EXG 2016 (Nice and clean and ready for the road)

2000 Terry 30.5 EXG  (Nice and clean and ready for the road)


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