New Addition to the Garage

Earlier this summer I decided to start preparing to use my RV more. Along with this decision came the realization that I need to consider traveling mishaps. After reviewing my possibilities and needs I decided to purchase a Sport Bike that I can carry along with the RV and also use as a third vehicle. So after looking at my options I decided to purchase a Suzuki DR650 (nickname Thumper or Bush Pig). I am just getting use to it and yes I did take a Motorcycle safety course. I must admit next to flying it’s very freeing. I do worry about injuries and considering I just experienced one (thats another story) I am right to do so. Well enough about me here is a picture of the BushPig.

Nice new 2016 DR650 waiting for adventure

Nice new 2016 DR650 waiting for adventure

I am sure I will have many stories to post here in the near future.

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