Alternator Incident 2016

Thursday night I loaded up the truck and headed to the ranch around 3:30PM in the afternoon. About40 miles out of WACO my Alternator light came on. Well we all know what this means but being the eternal optimist I called my son-in-law just to confirm my suspicions. He confirmed that the alternator is probably shot.
I was about forty minutes from two different cities on small (Cameron) and the other was Temple. After calling O’Reily Auto Parts in Cameron it appeared that Temple was my only option. I was concerned about making it since it was almost dark and my lights would definitely drain the batteries extremely quick. On the way to Temple I passed a county officer who had someone pulled over. I stopped to talk to the officer just to let him know what was going on and maybe get some assistance if necessary. After telling him about the truck and my intentions he agreed that I should be able to make it. After that I did not really pay attention to speed limit signs until I reached the auto parts store. About 10 minutes from the Auto Parts store in Temple I had to try the lights. Once I turned them on everything went dark but came back on after I turned the lights back off. I then tried the running lights and fog lights. Luckily the fog and running lights worked great. To this day I am still shocked that I did not get pulled over by the police.
The guys at O’Reily Auto Parts in Temple were great and had the alternator I needed. I had to purchase a 1/2″ breaker bar to remove the Belt but luckily I had everything else I needed. After about thirty minutes I had the alternator replaced and we were back on the road. I think the Dogs enjoyed the break at O’Reily’s. After covering their kennels we loaded up and headed south once again. It was much cooler Thursday night then I originally thought it would be.

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