Oil Leak 7.3L Day 2 -3

This is a continuation of a prior Post

Well I received my extractor set late Monday and decided to wait until Tuesday night after work to finish off the project. Needless to say the extractor set did not work as advertised. If I would have had enough room to knock the extractor onto the bolt it probably would have. So Wednesday I looked for another type of extractor and found a possible solution (Gator Grip). I purchased the Gator Grip and gave it a shot. Needless to say this one failed miserably as well. So at this point I decided to do what I know works instead of following the acceptable industry standard method of removing rounded off bolts. I took a 3/8 twelve-point socket and hammered it onto the 10m bolt and it came off with the first turn. I have included a picture of the bolt below.

Once the bolt was removed I finished removing the oil cooler and cleaned it up. This afternoon I will pick up a new bolt then reassemble and install the cooler. I have included some pictures of the cooler as well if you are curious.

  • IMG_1180




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