Oil leak on my 7.3L today

Old faithful (my truck) finally had an issue today. The truck had a pool of oil under it today and now I am performing surgery. Turns out my Dipstick mount, yes the dipstick mount, has an o-ring inside the oil pan that has swollen and cracked. The amount of oil coming out of this mount shocked me. While inspecting the leak I noticed my oil cooler o-ring is leaking as well. The oil cooler looked like it would be extremely simple so I figured I would tackle that while I was waiting on the parts to fix the dipstick mount. The process is pretty simple.. drain coolant, remove oil filter, remove three bolts and remove the cooler. Here is what happened today..
1. Drained the coolant (no issues)
2. Removing the oil filter (1 hour)
a. Broke my oil wrench
b. Bought new heavy duty chain oil wrench
c. Needed leverage bar to finally break it loose
3. Removing bolts
a. Removed two bolts very easily
b. Front bolt was rounded off by a I guess a previous repair. I am still waiting on a rounded
bolt removal tool to take it off.
4. Ordered dipstick repair kit and it will be here later this week.

2003 F250 7.3L

2003 F250 7.3L

After all of this I decided to get some work done instead of killing an entire day. I sat down at my desk and started having muscle cramps like crazy. I guess bending and contorting under the truck took it’s toll today. I decided to just take a full day of vacation to recover. After about two hours I stopped cramping up and ate some lunch. I guess one day of vacation is a lot better then paying 4K for repairs. Oh, did I forget to mention that in order to fix the dipstick the Ford Dealership recommends pulling the engine. Well the part I have ordered will allow me to fix the dipstick without pulling then engine. It wasn’t cheap but it was less then a tenth of the 4K price tag.

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