Oil Leak 7.3L is Fixed (Day 4)

Well today I took off half a day from work and finished fixing the truck. I reassembled the Oil Cooler and had no trouble reinstalling it on the truck. All it took was just a slight nudge with a pry-bar to get it seated into the front housing. I was a little nervous since I had heard that many people have cracked their front housings installing these coolers. I believe these people had trouble because they were using cheep O-rings from Dorman. I used the factory OEM O-rings and had no trouble.
After I finished the Oil Cooler I cleaned up the work area. I was about to start on the dipstick mount when my son-in-law who just so happens to be a certified Ford diesel mechanic and Dallas police officer showed up. He has helped me so much in the past with this truck and is always a great resource. He is the one that told me about the Strictly Diesel product I am using to fix the dipstick mount. Needless to say with an extra set of hands and the added experience we knocked it out pretty quick. I do not have any pictures of the finished product but I should be able to get some tonight.

I would like to thank the following people…..
My wonderful wife for being my chauffeur and putting up with me
My son-in-law (Name withheld due to his profession)
DiselTechRon (His video)
San Pack Ford for having the parts I needed


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