WWDC 2013

With all the IOS development I have been doing recently my employer approved my trip to WWDC 2013 (Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference) held in San Francisco. I waited at my computer checking the site ever few seconds so that I could purchase the ticket quickly. Finally the site appeared and started the process. Thirty seconds later when I made the final submission I received an error from their site. When I re-entered the site I was told the tickets were all sold out. Needless to say I was rather ticked off but later that night I received call from Apple letting me know I had a ticket reserved. So begins the quest for enlightenment.

My enlightenment didn’t start at the conference but at the DFW airport. We boarded the 737 at 6:00PM (an hour late) only to return to the gate thirty minutes later for a galley water leak. Finally around 7:00PM we were on our way with one less bathroom. Luckily this did not have an impact on me but some passengers were really not happy. This is one of the reasons I got me PPL to begin with. It is so nice to just go the airport park your car walk out to the plane, call FSS (Flight Services), run through the checklist and then take off.

On arriving in San Francisco I was immediately welcomed by the pleasant weather. The ride to the hotel was uneventful and the staff was great. After unpacking I decided to go get some dinner so I started walking down the street. I immediately noticed the number of homeless living on the streets. This of course also means that trash and the smell of urine was also present. After watching over my shoulder for a while I found a Denny’s and decided that was good enough for a later dinner. During dinner a homeless person came in and started asking all the patrons for money. This was very disconcerting to me especially when the gentlemen started to get agitated. Luckily the hostess was able to coax him out of the restaurant. I knew then that I was going to miss carrying my Pistol (No CHL reciprocity California).

When Monday finally arrived I made my way down the WWDC and was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the area and pleasant Apple Staff. The conference was great and I learned so much it will take me a couple of weeks to try everything out. The new IOS 7.0 operating system is great and I am currently running it on my iPhone 5. The new MAC OS X (Mavericks) is also very good and has some ground breaking features as well. I will post more once I confirm the validity of each feature and understand them better. Needless to say I already have designs for a few new apps that are sure to please. At least that’s what the Apple Engineers thought.

Monday through Wednesday was pretty much a blur just conference and studying every night. I had planned on flying on Wednesday night but that was canceled do to expense. When Thursday night arrived I was ready for the Apple BASH. The BASH is a party that Apple throws during these conventions to celebrate. This year the entertainment was Vampire Weekend. I have some great shots and video of the conference I will post later. When Friday arrived I was ready to get out of the city and was not very impressed with San Francisco. This did change however when I was offered the right seat in a Cessna to tour downtown San Francisco and possibly land at Half Moon Bay. Read about the flight in my other thread. The trip was a huge success on all fronts and I know have a better understanding of what life in San Francisco is really like. It’s a great place to visit as long as you stay out of Downtown. I will be back to the area one day to really enjoy the sites and airspace. I suggest if you are from Texas visit in the summer. The temperatures are great and you will definitely need a jacket if you are sensitive to colder temperatures. The high for most of the days I was there was 68 Degrees.

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