San Francisco Sunset Flight June 2013

Since I was going to San Francisco I decided to try and do a little flying while I was there. A friend of mine had recently done the same thing on one of his trips and the videos and pictures he took were great. I decided to enlist the help of the POA (Pilots of America) to try and find a place to rent an airplane or maybe share a ride with someone. I finally found a place to rent but later learned it would cost over 140.00 dollars to get to the rental airport and back to the hotel. Not to mention the checkout, rental and instructor time (since I was not checked out with their flight facility). I thought all was lost until Kimberly Anne (POA Member) stepped in and helped me out. She is a gem of a person and enjoys flying more then anyone I know. We took off Friday night from Petaluma Municipal around 7:30 and headed toward San Francisco. The air was so smooth and cool the plane climbed effortlessly up to 2500 feet. Kimberly pointed out all the landmarks and checkpoints, which really helped as I flew into San Francisco. When we were close enough to the Bravo (Controlled Airspace) Kimberly called in and spoke those magic words we Private Pilots love to use “Requesting Clearance into BRAVO for …”. Kimberly told me she had never requested this so this was her first non-training clearance. She worked the radios like a champ as we entered the airspace at 3500 feet. Once we were over San Francisco she took control while I did the tourist thing taking pictures and video. I have some great pictures of the sunset and marine layer along with a few videos I will post later. I believe that anyone visiting the California area needs to view it from the sky but not in a jet. You loose so much when your flying that fast. There are several companies that offer tours in GA aircraft. If you’re a pilot then plan your trip and rent a plane. You will definitely be thankful for doing so and if your lucky maybe a fellow POA member can help you out as well. I plan on reciprocating to anyone that makes to the DFW area. Our scenery here in the DFW area is not as majestic as California but we do have some. You can check out some of my night videos on my site once I get them posted.
San Francisco Sunset Flight June 2013
San Francisco Flight Slide Show with Map

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