Quest for PPL (Private Pilot License)

This first time I thought about getting my PPL was back when I was eight or nine years old. Ever since that time I had the urge to get it but due to location and life it just wasn’t possible. In August of 2011 I decided to start this project. In September of 2011 I took my first training flight. I must admit that once I was in the air behind the controls my only regret was not doing it sooner. The feeling of being in the air is hard to describe. Many of my friends and family do not understand why I would invest so much time and money into a hobby. My response was easy it’s something I have always wanted to do and the feeling of being in the air is indescribable.
I must admit that once I received the training materials and started the knowledge part of my training I was a little overwhelmed. I quickly learned why so many start the process only to stop halfway through and never pick it back up. I spent countless hours studying and going through demos in order to understand and retain everything. How would have thought that in order to be a private pilot you must know how to forecast the weather? I surely didn’t but now I am glad I can. Of course the hardest part of the knowledge work is remembering what is not published in the training manuals. If it wasn’t for my instructor I would not have known some of the material on the test.
Of course as a Pilot you never quit learning and must be constantly searching for the latest information. I am fortunate to live in a time of Computers and the Internet which makes obtaining this information a simple task. I can only imagine how much the older pilots spent on books and charts just to stay current.
Well after almost a year of training and weather delays I setup my Check-ride in August 2011 and had a very pleasant experience by acing the Check-ride. The Check-ride is basically the same as a driving test with the addition of an oral knowledge exam. The Check-ride lasted about 1.5 hours and was broken down into 30 minute verbal quiz, a 25 minute break then the flying quiz. At the end I received my credentials and have been a Private Pilot ever since. Of course the learning was just getting started. Since that day I have received my High Performance and Complex aircraft enforcement and have just about completed my Instrument License.

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